Solar Solutions

Partner with NexSolar, your trusted source for customized solar solutions in South Africa. Empower your home or business with energy independence, significant savings, and a sustainable future.

Residential and Commercial

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to escape rising electricity costs or a South African business owner striving to protect your operations from load shedding disruptions, NexSolar offers the perfect tailored solar solution for you. 

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solar energy systems for both residential and commercial clients, enabling you to harness the sun’s power for a more sustainable and cost-effective future. 

With NexSolar, you can bid farewell to unpredictable electricity bills and load shedding worries, embracing energy independence and substantial savings.

man installing solar panels on luxury house in Gauteng

Residential Solar

Safeguard your South African home from load shedding disruptions, slash monthly energy costs, and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future with NexSolar's comprehensive residential solar solutions.

Commercial Solar

NexSolar's commercial solar systems offer a shield. Protect your business from outages, slash monthly costs, and unlock energy independence. Shine brighter, save smarter, and fuel a sustainable future in South Africa

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