Residential Solar


Protect your family home from load shedding and save on monthly electricity costs with Nexsolar’s residential solar systems.

Gauteng Residential Solar Installation Services

Transform your Gauteng home into an energy-independent haven with Nexsolar’s personalized home solar solutions. Our experts carefully evaluate your energy needs, design a tailored system, and ensure seamless installation. Experience the power of solar energy and freedom from Eskom’s high prices and load-shedding

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Solar Panels

We source only Tier 1 panels with superior efficiency and product warranties you can trust.

SunSynk Solar Systems

The most popular hybrid inverter in South Africa has all the features you need.


Victron Solar Systems

Victron systems have been in the market for decades and are exceptionally reliable.

Residential Hybrid Solar Systems

Achieve energy independence with Nexsolar’s residential hybrid solar systems. Harness the Gauteng sun’s power to generate electricity and store it in lithium batteries. Experience the benefits of solar energy, including reduced reliance on the grid, lower electricity bills, and uninterrupted power during load shedding.

During sunny days, excess electricity generated by the solar panels charges the batteries. At night or during cloudy periods, the stored energy powers the home, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills. Hybrid systems provide South African homeowners with energy independence, as they can use stored solar power when needed, even during grid outages.

People Who Love Our Solar

Charl Gildenhuys
Charl Gildenhuys
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These guys are the real deal. In the current solar market it is very difficult to find this type of service and quality. In my view, if you want it done right the first time, use them.
Jorg Fischer
Jorg Fischer
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Going with NexSolar was absolutely the right decision. We had many quotes from various companies but we found NexSolar great in offering the right advice and sized our requirements correctly.
Ian Richards
Ian Richards
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Professional and very neat installation done by competent and efficient staff. System is working like a dream and operating as expected. I highly recommend NexSolar.

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